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World premiere :
A clinical trial allowing direct delivery of dopamine to the brain shows excellent results in treating Parkinson's disease

Currently conducted at the Lille University Hospital, DIVE is a revolutionary clinical 

trial on Parkinson's disease. It is based on the development and evaluation of a new 

system for administering the treatment of the disease by infusing the missing 

dopamine directly into the brain in order to limit the side effects of conventional 

treatments. An original manufacturing process is thus being produced for the first time 

at the Lille University Hospital. This new technology was developed by InBrain 

Pharma, a start-up created to exploit the initial concept resulting from academic 

research at the Lille University Hospital, the University of Lille and the Lille 

Neuroscience & Cognition UMR-S 1172 Inserm laboratory. The technology transfer 

was carried out by SATT Nord with incubation at Eurasanté. More information...