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New scientific publication

Our team is pleased to inform you of the publication of its article concerning the results of anaerobic dopamine administration on the best pre-clinical model of Parkinson's disease. This study was made possible by close scientific collaboration with the Medical Pharmacology laboratory (UMR_S1171) and the Research Group on Injectable Forms and Associated Technologies (GRITA EA 7365) of Lille University , Inserm and Lille CHU. This study demonstrates the feasibility of continuous and circadian intracerebroventricular administration and provides very encouraging results on the efficacy of anaerobic dopamine. It makes it possible to define safety standards which must be respected for the treatment of future patients. An absence of dyskinesia has also been observed which gives hope for an improved quality of life with a strong reduction in motor complications and ergonomic treatments by avoiding multiple daily oral intakes. This study is the beginning for a future treatment against Parkinson's disease, notably with the start of the first clinical trial planned for this year. More information: