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European Inventor Award 2024 from the European Patent Office:Professors David Devos and Caroline Moreau, co-founders of InBrain Pharma, selected as finalists in the “Research” category for their therapeutic innovation in Parkinson’s disease

InBrain Pharma, a biotech specialized in brain infusion of drugs for neurodegenerative disease management, announces that its proposed therapeutic solution for the Parkinson’s Disease patients subject to late stage severe and refractory motor complications related to L-dopa oral treatment, invented by its cofounders - Professors David Devos, neurologist and pharmacologist, and Caroline Moreau, neurologist at the Lille University Hospital - in collaboration with their Team from the Lille University and INSERM, and consisting in a pharmacological neuromodulation of the dopaminergic brain receptors through a personalized brain delivery of dopamine, was selected amongst 558 innovations going much beyond the heath field to compete in the “Research” category for the 2024 European Inventor Award. For more information

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